Tune into 105.3 Seaside FM at 9.40pm every night from Monday 26 – Friday 30 October 2020 for a special drama presentation by Gideon John Allen – ‘The Nick of Time’

"The Nick Of Time" follows the extraordinary day of high schooler Nick who's about to embark on an unexpected adventure.

This five part series introduces the colourful characters of his nearest and dearest, from his depressed best friend to his devoting girlfriend. But we also follow his misfortune as his loved ones are taken away from him by mysterious figures. What was supposed to be a fun day ends in tragedy. Nick has to figure out how to save day but will he manage it in the nick of time...

Created by Gideon Allen.

Starring: Gideon Allen. Angharad Faulkner. Roisin McDonagh. Diarmaid McDonagh Green. Ariana Ray. Martin Faulkner. Sarah Green. Lyana Williams. Andrea Pazos. Beth Radda. 

You can also listen to the instalments here: